Introducing The Cannon Twins

It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 20

The past several weeks have flown by...literally.  My baby brain cannot seem to comprehend the difference in days, weeks, or even months.  How did we get to the end of our 5th month??  How will I ever survive 4 more??

September is one of my favorite months!!  It's fall ya'll (for all you crazy southern folk)!  And we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  He still tolerates me after 12 months so I think we can survive atleast 50 more ;)  St Simons for the weekend was relaxing, fun, and delicious!  John enjoyed cold beverages while I continuously stuffed my pregger face with yummy goodness.  What more could a girl with 2 little ravenous munchkins ask for?

Pregnancy is truly amazing.  And at the same time, it is a fascinating rollercoaster ride. Speaking of a wild ride....the husband has been a complete champ.  My emotions are freakishly psychotic as of late!  Random episodes of uncontrollable laughter combined with overflowing tears...that can last for what feels like hours.  His face is priceless.  The first occassion was when a gentleman on a harley hurled a few choice words at my car window after I "accidentally" cut him off.  The second was while watching 'What to expect when you're expecting'.  The movie is epic.  Watch it and try not to pee your big girl panties.

Aches and pains have moved me up in the world of our living room.  My husband has very begrudgingly been booted from his beloved recliner.  His baby girls are more than worth it he says ;)  As I was all stretched out and relaxed last night, baby ella gray and baby grace elizabeth decided to get rowdy. Playtime in the belly x2!  Dad to be and I were thrilled to feel their occasional bumps, twists, and turns. Even more spectacular than we could ever have imagined! We cannot wait to see our bouncy bundle of two!

Over the next few weeks, we will begin to transform our guestroom into a haven for two little bits. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 14

The past two weeks since our last blog have been nonstop and full of exciting happenings.  We enjoyed a relaxing labor day weekend of lake time, friends, family and tons of good food, for the twins benefit of course! 
Most recently, John received a job offer that we could not pass up.  Two bundles of joy will soon arrive, and we know that our budgets will become tight!  The Lord has blessed us tremendously,and we are ever thankful.

So off with the serious side note and on with the hysterics of pregnancy....

As apparent in the picture above, my little inner beings are growing.  The bump is interferring with button snapping and zipper zipping.  Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabel has been my life raft!  Leave the fly open, the bump can breath free, and no one has a clue but you.  Ahhh, I love people who come up with creative little gadgets. 

Due to this new growth to my midsection and our recent public disclosure, the whole world it seems has come together to give their special 'words of wisdom'.  While they all mean well, some cause never ending fits of belly laughs and others, lets just say cause a hormonal pregnant woman to give the...good old fashioned eyebrow raise.  

Twin pregnancies call for some degree of alarm when reacting.  It usual goes something like this, "OMG two!!  What are you going to do with two??",  "Twins?  Twins...  TWINS!!!!!!", "If it were me, I would just die!!", "Better you than me!", and the list goes on.  I love the reactions, and as you can tell in my previous post, our reaction was beyond shock!  Let me close this 14th week with my favorite reaction from a caregiver of one patient whom I had not seen in a few months...

Caregiver:  "Have you put on weight?"

Me: "Actually, I am PREGNANT with twins."

Caregiver:  "I thought you were, but I didn't want to say anything."

Touche my dear, Touche!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And so it begins...

Week 12

John and I are tickled pink (or blue) over our double blessing!  This week has proven to be the most exciting and emotional thus far.  Three months are complete on this Nine Month journey and needless to say we have experienced many laughs, tears, and fears.

One cannot prepare for the surprise of not one but instead two tiny miracles.  As the date of our first ultrasound neared, I simply attempted to warn John that my superior psychic powers had insisted we were having twins.  Believe me, I was amazed at this female intuition as well.  During our first ultrasound, I immediately spied two tiny white dots on the screen.  John looked on quizzically until the ultrasound tech confirmed his suspicion.  Indeed, there were two!!  Baby A and Baby B!!  After the shock subsided, we were ecstatic! 

On Monday of this week, we went for our second appointment and ultrasound.  It appeared that our dots had transformed into mexican jumping beans with tiny limbs!  The twins were active and happy in their humble abode.  Heartbeats were heard for the first time, and we breathed an enormous sigh of relief.  God is so good!

"There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: Twins."
~ Josh Billings